Peer support improves mental wellness outcomes

Research studies show, in general people who attended a support group for one year were not only less likely to be depressed but also more likely to experience a sense of altruism, cohesiveness, and hope. In the specific case DBSA’s own support groups, research conducted by Pepperdine University showed, participants reported higher levels of understanding and acceptance of their mental health condition, confidence about their treatment, optimism and control over their future, and self-esteem.

DBSA in-person and online support groups give people living with depression and bipolar disorder a safe, welcoming place to share experiences, discuss coping skills, and offer each other hope.

In addition, DBSA recognizes the unique ways that identity, culture, and access affect people living with mood disorders. We offer identity-focused groups for:

Young adults
Military Veterans
Black community members
Rural community members
Friends, family, and caregivers supporting loved ones with a mood disorder
People with co-occurring diagnoses of substance use and a mood disorder
People with tardive dyskinesia or other movement conditions and a mood disorder

Register for a DBSA online support group or search for an in-person DBSA support group near you.
Online Support Groups
In-Person Support Groups
Our national online support groups are hosted by HeyPeers, a DBSA vendor. Upon registration, you will receive an email from them to assist you with managing your account

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