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Services & Products

Services We provide

Initial Psychiatric Evaluation

Duration: 60 Minutes

An initial evaluation includes identifying symptoms, diagnosis, evidence based medication options, type of therapy, lab work, genetic testing, coping skills identification of triggers, comprehensive family and medical. history

Medication Management Follow up

Duration: 30 minutes

Follow up appointments are 30 minute sessions consisting of assessment of past medication, supplement interventions and brief psychotherapy, CBT, DBT, exposure therapy based on your specific needs. Review of lab work, genetic testing other diagnostic evaluation’s providing recommendations going forward based on your response to previous interventions may also be included and follow ups.

Payment Options

We take the following payment options

 Private Insurance options

If you are in emotional distress, here are some resources for immediate help:

National Suicide Prevention Hotline:
Call 1-800-273-8255
Crisis Text Line:
Text Home to 741-741

Recommended Healthcare Products

Health and wellness

Health And Wellness Botanical’s has high quality CBD products that are pure with no THC that I Have used for many years and trust. To better discuss your needs, please contact us


Full Scripps is a online supplement company that is reputable and has high-quality supplements which I recommend. To better discuss your needs, please contact us

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